NITV The Point: Indigenous Women Breaking the Mould

On March 11  NITV's The Point presented a fantastic special program for International Women's Day. It was full of really inspiring and deadly Indigenous women sharing their stories and paving the way for the next generation of inspiring and deadly Indigenous women.

ABC Q&A science special 2019

In June 2019 I joined a fantastic panel of scientists on ABC's Q&A program to discuss a whole range of topics from the Milky Way and why stars blink, to Mars exploration, Aliens and God in Science. Plus, watch me get science dad-joked by my Science Communication idol Brian Cox!

TED x Youth@Sydney 2019

Emus can’t fly, but there’s an Emu in the sky. People have been looking up to the stars for a long time, but for how long? Explore a different perspective of the night sky and learn about the great history of Australian Aboriginal Astronomy. 

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